Cameras conquer the living room

Did you know that there are more than 140 burglaries a day in our country? The autumn, in particular, is proving to be the period of choice. As soon as dusk falls, thieves strike. Would you rather not have a burglar on the floor? Then your home is better secured! And that goes further than an alarm system today.

Camerabewaking Preventive
Burglars prefer not to venture into a house with an alarm system. If your house is also secured with cameras, there is a good chance that they will skip your house. Camera security therefore has a preventive effect. What’s more, in the event of a burglary, you have images of the perpetrators. This greatly increases the chance of being caught.

Images on your smartphone
It is therefore not surprising that the number of installations of cameras in homes is increasing. There are currently quite a few cameras for private use on the market that are of good quality. In addition, you can easily view the images via an app on your smartphone or tablet and an installation has become affordable.

The installation of a security camera involves a different technology to that of an alarm system. It is therefore completely separate from this. In order to work, the camera needs electricity and cabling. A completely wireless installation is therefore impossible. Nevertheless, the combination with an alarm is ideal. In the event of an alarm, you can immediately see from a distance what is going on.

Burglars try to get in through the largest openings of a house, such as doors, large windows and the garage door. These are therefore the designated locations for the placement of your cameras. In dark places, such as at the back door, an outdoor camera with infrared is recommended. They can capture a distance of 10 to 30 metres.

The range of cameras is very extensive. It can therefore be interesting to seek advice from a professional company. For example, you have fixed and moving models and cameras that always work or only when they detect movement. The weather conditions also play a role. Fog and mist can influence the images.

Cost estimate
The prices of security cameras vary widely. You have simple to very sophisticated models. The storage capacity of the recorder is also an important part of the price. For good quality camera surveillance, consisting of a recorder with four cameras, you have to count around 1,000 euros. That’s without installation costs.

You may use the images recorded by your camera in the event of a burglary if you comply with all privacy regulations. For example, there is a duty to provide information and you must display at least one clearly legible message. In this way, visitors know that they are being filmed. This message must contain the name, address and telephone number of the security company. The easiest way is to request a sticker from them. In addition, you are legally obliged to indicate that you are using cameras at the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.